Blog from the boundary, Mears Ashby vs Grange Park, 23rd June 2018

Link to Scorecard After coming off the back of two unsuccessful chases versus Spencer Bruerne and Old in previous weeks, I could be forgiven for fearing the worst as GP found themselves in the field first on a hot day with a good pitch at Mears Ashby. Mears Ashby Innings GP had a difficult start...
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broken fortress, grange park vs old 3rds

Blog from the boundary, Grange Park vs Old 3rds, 16th June 2018

Link to Scorecard Fortess Foxfields? Meh… You welcomed Old 3rds to Foxfields on Saturday, an eagerly awaited contest after giving them a cricketing lesson 2 seasons ago. As a point of note I did check the NCL fixtures and due to a number of teams pulling out in Division 7 their 2nd XI didn’t have a...
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Blog from the Boundary – 4 for the price of 1

Wow, it’s been a very long time! I apologise for my absence, but frankly, as you’ve been such a miserable, anti-social bunch, I didn’t feel like there was much point! So you’ve played four games of the first 6 of your fixtures and what a mixed bag it’s been. This is just a brief round-up...
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Blog from the Boundary, Grange Park v St Michaels 74 30th April 2016

Sorry for being on hiatus for a year, I came to watch a few times, but I kept falling asleep in my chair! So a new season, a new start, a new skipper, and quite a few new faces, plenty of opportunity to sharpen my tongue… New skipper pinny won the toss and elected to field,...
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Blog from the Boundary, Grange Park v Gayton 19th July 2014

Following the win last week and a midweek loss (by 2 runs) in a friendly which you could argue may not have been taken as seriously as it should, it was important GP continued to pick up points if it they want to push for promotion. With a weekend of expected thunderstorms, getting a game...
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