Blog from the Boundary, Hanslope – May 10th 2014

Week two, away to our locals Hanslope who also had a good win last week.

Rubbish weather, skip decides to take holiday which shows a distinct lack of planning young man. Which meant Rob took the helm, might have been his first as skip but I’m sure I’ll be corrected.

We welcomed back Tim and Matt and with Khurram and Ryan making their debut’s. The former rocking up in cheeky ‘little’ ride. More on that later and Ryan against the team he used to play for.

On a bit of a pudding which is understandable with the overnight rain Rob shouted tails and came up heads, GP bat first.

Lee opened with ‘Bentley’ and started nicely. With accurate bowling Lee and the Pimp made good headway scoring at 3 an over for first 10 overs. Lee bought it for 20, Justin ‘blocker’ in at 3.

20 runs in the next 10 overs but eventually Khurram was bowled round his legs for a patient 17 at the drinks break. 51 for 2 at the half way stage. Rob had a go but hacked filth in the air for 9 which brought Matt ‘the Duck’ to the crease.

Recall Aesop’s fable “Tortoise and the Hare? its not how fast you go it’s getting there that counts” blah blah.

Well Blocker and side kick mini Blocker taught us again you don’t have to get there quick to win. But I gotta say Dot and her chums were tutting, cursing and generally rolling their eyes during the next 9 overs, 18 runs (including a six) with 4 maidens on the spin. During this time Hanslope helped out by grassing a simple catch or two, both off Matt.

Matt walked, caught behind for 15 even though the Umpire didn’t given him out. Well played on that one. 7 overs left and only 87 on the board. Evo embarrassed himself swinging like a rusty gate for three before tall man took a blinder. Josh was triggered for a goose egg and Shahid made a couple at the death.

Now back to Justin ‘blocker’ innings. Although out unluckily kicking the ball onto his bail less stumps in his 28 over stay he made a mammoth 18 runs off 9 scoring shots, including a 6. I can hear Ben weeping in adoration from his Malta bolthole “that shouda be me”. So the Tortoise made 106 in their 40 overs. Over to the Hare to chase it down.

Hanslope made a steady start 23 in the first 6 overs, Rob and Ev opened the bowling. The former made the breakthrough and how, taking 3 wickets in the same 7th over , all bowled, two for blobs and narrowly missed a hat trick, Dot is sure Davina had a good night living every one of them.

Iseton saw off Ev with three fours in the 8th over which brought ‘Mushy’ Shahid to tweak em’ into the wind, oh err misses.

The hare was now well in front of the run rate and continued on in good fashion going to 65/3 at the half way stage. Only 42 to get in 20 overs with 7 wickets in hand, easy peasy then. Seemingly onto victory the Hare ran out of puff which allowed the Tortoise to run over them to the finish line.

Joshi ‘filth’ Day started the rot by bouncing out the dangerous Chilton for a well-made 33 and when Shahid bamboozled the equally dangerous Iseton for 26. Unfortunately Hanslope’s player Richie top edged into his mush losing a tooth or two which meant he had to leave the field and go to hospital. We all wish him well and look forward to him playing soon.

A suicide run out and two more from Josh who was now bowling nearly on target and nearly on a good length to everyone’s surprise meant they had lost 5 wickets for 17 runs in 6 overs. Nearly as good as GP were last year! Anyhoo with Richie not able to bat we needed one more wicket with Hanslope needing 22 runs for victory. Up pops fat man Ev who had miraculously recovered from a double compound fracture in the field 10 overs earlier to bowl out bloky. All over, Hare 0, Tortoise 1.

Dot’s play of the game-             Rob’s 3 wickets in the over setting up the collapse

Dot’s ‘other’ play of the game-   Sorry Khurram, you might be playing your first match but rocking up in the Bentley has to be mentioned again. Just don’t go and take that to Aggro Caribbean, Luke will tell all about it.

Dot’s did you know…-                            The first printed version of Aesop’s Fables in English was published on March 26, 1484, by William Caxton. Keep up people!! More history lessons nest week.

More next week! D

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