Blog from the Boundary LMS vs Gujarat – 24th June 2021

Hello Again my lovelies After a thoroughly enjoyable evening last week watching my foxes playing Pyjama cricket (I could get used to this) I took my bottle of Sherry to Foxfields to watch a belated next instalment. (Belated due to some Football match or other on the Tuesday). This week we were up against a...
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Blog from the Boundary LMS vs Blackstar CC – 15th June 2021

Hello my lovelies, with the horrible weather, multiple pricks in the arm and my advancing years I haven’t been about that much and had to watch the Cricket on the TV, I have to admit I love that Michael Holding, voice like velvet, hmmmmmmm. Anyway, I recently heard a rumour that my boys have been...
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Blog from the Boundary vs Harlestone 2nds – 12th June 2021

As summer has finally arrived, and I’ve had both of my jabs I thought it I’d head down to foxfields for what was the first home game of the season, in week 7 no less! Bloody rain. The coin was flipped and Harlestone looking at a dry and cracked wicket thought… we don’t fancy that,...
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a photoshopped image of ollie holmes giving devon malcolm some coaching advice

GPCC Blog from the Boundary vs Brixworth 3rds – 1st May 2021

Having had my jabs (perks of being elderly), I was happy to venture over to Brixworth to see my lovely Fox’s play their first game of the season.  I was even happier to see a svelte looking Ian Peterson rock up to umpire, as there was finally someone for me to flirt with 🥰 as...
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Blog from the boundary vs Barby 3rds –22nd August 2020

Afternoon my foxes (and those readers from afar) I arrived at Foxfields for only the second time for a league game this year and felt a bit strange and wary this time around. There was an ominous gloom in the air and I must say I nearly blew away as I set up my chair...
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