Blog from the Boundary – vs Weekly & Warkton 3rd XI, 29th May 2022

General Greivous

Sunday is God’s Day, which means I do my prayers and knitting with a slice of cake and cup of tea, but no, not on this particular Sunday because the boys had a fixture. What is that all about?! The biggest news of the day is that Olly Jones was making his first appearance of the season, it was great to see my little man!

None the less the boys were away to Weekly & Warkton looking to bounce back from the previous week’s rogering (less said the better).

The skipper John lost yet another toss and the team were put into bat with David ‘Rusty’ Hasselhoff and Justin Spaghetti. With Justin looking to make his mark he was quickly dismissed for a LBW on the first ball, a royal platinum duck, suddenly flashbacks from the week before was in everyone’s mind!

With 1 wicket gone off the first ball in goes my sexy convict Moloney. It didn’t take him very long to get settled with Jonny and they both started to get some runs on the board. Just when he was finding his feet Jonny was bowled for 18 and was replaced by the skipper.

Whilst Moloney was prodding along with his boundaries the skipper was dismissed for 15 by a lbw and replaced with Shizzle who stayed in for a little while but only managed the one run before being bowled.

In comes Rick who made a promising start and looked comfortable until he decided to take his base layer off and was then caught behind a few balls later after making 12 runs.

In comes General ‘Tiger’ Grievous and he made a quick few singles until Moloney decided to pass the ball back to the bowler and being caught out for 67. A valiant effort from the man down under!

The wickets fell rather quickly after that with Big D (4), JJ (2), OJ (5), Zubair (1) and Tiger making a lovely 24, well done that man! It was great to see everyone get some runs on the board with the foxes making 159.

Second innings started with Rick and Tiger getting the proceedings under way. The opening batsman began to find their groove until the first wicket fell for Rick, with the skipper making a glorious dive for a catch. It wasn’t long after until Rick got another with some excellent field changes by Rusty and the ball falling into JB’s hand!

The Foxes are now finding some rhythm and the Tiger got his first of day with a catch off his own bowling, after some prodding at the batman, the wicket was always coming!

Time for some changes and in come JJ and Big D, and wow oh wow, Big D takes 2 in his first over! Unbelievable. Some excellent bowling and he takes another 2, foxes are flying at this point. JJ bowling at the top end started to find some rhythm and was rewarded with his wicket, he deserved more for sure!

At this point Weekly are trembling (some might say crumble) and Rick was bought back to take another and Zubair to wrap things up with the final wicket of the game. Weekly all out for 119.

In the end a comfortable and routine win for the foxes. Big game next against Oundle Town at home where the boys will need to bring their A game! Dot x

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