Blog from the Boundary – vs Oundle, 9th July 2022

I’m back baby! Thanks to EasyJet cancelling my flights, my Benidorm trip was extended by a couple of weeks. Oh my, what a sight for sore eyes – I have thoroughly missed my darling Foxes.

It looks like I brought the weather home with me, as it was a glorious day on Saturday, I also brought my best friend Iris along to take in the view. A new face in the crowd saw Young Harry Bridle make his debut for Grange Park.

With John Mason being away this week, the follicly challenged Jon Tiley had been placed in temporary charge, electing to field first. Considering the line-up, it did seem like a bowling team the foxes put out.

Jac and JJ opened the bowling and their spell brought about a wicket a-piece and a run out, Jac bowling their skipper, Jon taking a catch off JJ’s bowling and Toni with a fine runout. I could hear from the side Rick saying “Well done Tiger, great throw” and Toni replying with “That’s just how eye-roll !”

Unfortunate incident number 1 occurred during the opening bowling spell, with Steve “Silver Fox” Steel taking a ball right on his finger, with a potential break, Steve braved through the pain and continued to keep.

Oscar and Michael looked to be doing an unrelenting job of sweeping up the loose balls at fine leg.  The first bowling change of the day saw Toni and Rick into the attack. Toni and Rick taking a wicket a-piece in this spell, Rick with a nice one through the gate, and Toni got one to pop up to Jac.

Dave, Oscar and Jac were brought in to the attack but no wickets fell in the next 10 overs, JJ and Toni were brought back into the attack, and Toni was able to take 3 more wickets in this period. Jac and Steve catching well and another sneaking through the gate. Toni would have had an eye-conic Fifer to his name to cap an eye-catching performance, unfortunately he was unable to hold onto a loopy ball over his shoulder.

Then came unfortunate incident number 2, Toni, into his 2nd ball of his 10th over, bowled a straight one in the slot and had it slapped right back at him from point blink range, as he was still through his follow through, the ball caught him flush in the face. I could sense the worry in the air. He was quickly whisked off by a lady from the opposition, to hospital to make sure all was well.

The Oundle innings finished on 270/8. If I had a cap on, I would have doffed it in the direction of the highest scorer of the day, which turned out to be E.Xtras (What a strange name). Tea came and my Foxes looked a tad worn out, which wasn’t a surprise, they’d just fielded for 3 and a half hours! Oh well out of the eyeing-pan and into the fire…

Needing 271 – the second innings started with Jac and Steve. They began stubbornly, taking care on an unforgiving wicket. Jac was first to go when he was bowled for 8 runs. He’ll be unhappy with that because it looked like he played a lot of balls correctly except for the one that got him. Rick joined Steve at the crease, hit a lovely 4, then was bowled. The temp skipper then made his way to the crease, Jon and Steve began to build the largest partnership of the day, as they mainly hit boundaries, to put on 60+, Jon was then out caught at mid off when he fell for a slow ball for 27.

My Foxes then did their best to spend time at the crease. Steve “one hand” Steel was the next to fall, out for a very good knock of 42. Very impressive considering the injury. With 17 runs contributed from Oscar (2), Michael (0), John Masons Bat David (10), JJ (1), Craig (2) and Harry (2*) the innings ended.

The score-line slightly flattered the opposition, but they were better on the day.

Jokes aside, our best wishes go out to Toni, it was a horrible incident, and we’re glad it didn’t turn into a serious one, however, the spelling of your name though has been permanently changed to Toni with 1 i.

Much Love

Dot (and Iris)

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