Blog from the Boundary, Greens Norton 15th June 2013

After last week’s poor 87 all out and having heard that the skip had sent out a text, giving the Sir Alex Ferguson hairdryer treatment. I skipped the invitation to join Betty down at Beacon Bingo, as I thought my lads would be up for a game to put things right.

Upon my arrival – I nearly turned on my heels and went straight back home, as I was confronted by a bunch of hoodie thugs.  Holding my handbag as tightly as possible I was just about to scarper when in the middle of them all, I spotted the “founding father”, that young Mr Everitt.


Luckily that lovely Mr Peterson turned up and put me at ease.  Even at 83, a lady likes to see a man make an effort, he is always well presented (nice shirt and jacket).  Mind you, he has always been a bit dapper, even at school (I remember him well, he was in the year above me) he always looked good.

Anyway I digress, (mainly to pad this blog out as it doesn’t get any better from here on in) so let’s get on with the cricket.

With a very grey and damp morning, the toss was an important one to win.  The skipper’s current tossing form continued and with the loss GP were promptly put into bat by the home team.

With no Lee to open the partnership with Bionic Ben, the honour fell upon Sherlock’s not so deducing cousin (on his father’s side), Craig.

However GP’s run of bad form/luck continues, it wasn’t long before Craig flashed the bat at one and caught a fine edge, which on a normal day would have flown for 4 through the slips – but not today.  The chap at slips looked as amazed as everybody else when he looked down at his grubby little paw, to find a cricket ball firmly sitting in his palm.  With Craig out for 1, all eyes turned to the Matt-ster .

With earlier discussions already putting Matt in line for the “GM” award, he did little but improve his chances, as he soon stepped forwards to take it on the pads and be given LBW (again).  With grumbles of “bad ump decision” he trudged off, you could be forgiven for thinking what bad luck to get two bad calls in two weeks.

In next was Mr Peterson, who was looking to work it round the field and was on 4, before he popped one up and was caught.  Evo came and went, but was the first of only 3 to find the boundary before being bowled for 6 (and 2nd highest score of the day).  MBK was out next but he too popped one up and was quickly followed by Bionic who despite being out there for 5 partnerships, joined him on a score of 1.

Brothers Day were next in to try to steady the ship, but when the bow of the ship is already in the drink, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of her sinks too. Both of them found the boundary, however it was the youngest of the brothers who was sent back first, having scored 5 before being bowled.  Tiger joined his skipper, but could only manage 2 before he was sent packing and then it was the returning Mr McKay who joined and watched his skipper sky one and get caught on 7 (highest score for GP that day).  Ricky was last the last man, however he was quickly bowled for a duck and our boys finished on 33.  Yes 33, I’m crying as I write this.

Having a quick turn around, Greens Norton were keen to chase down the mammoth score and young Joshie and Evo went about their usual business.  Problem was, Tiger went about his usual business and soon spilled one of Evo’s again.  If there’s a “butter fingers” award there’s your prime candidate right there.  Joshie picked up 2 wickets, one with a cheeky slow spin that the bat clipped and was taken well by Tim behind.  However there was an uncomfortable moment, as the bat wasn’t prepared to walk until the umpire made the call and with all eyes now on the ump.  It took what seemed a long while before the finger went up.  Either way and despite a few rain delays, Greens Norton soon made light work of the battng and reached their target comfortably.

I appreciate that moral must be at a low and some of you boys must be feeling a bit annoyed or even angry, however abusing young kids in the changing rooms, is not on and not to be tolerated.  Mr A you should be ashamed of yourself and if it happens again, rest assured I will report it to operation Yew-Tree!

So, what’s next? Back to back games against our old chums Afro this week (cup game on Tue), means next Sat’s game is an all-important one as to see if our boys can get back on their feet and recover from the previous week’s damage.  Talking of damage, I hear the Afro’s own ump’s jaw is a little on the damaged side – must find my gum shield in time for next week..

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