Blog from the Boundary, Willoughby 25th May 2013

I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I wandered down to the pitch on Saturday that the game was on, as my spies had told me that the water was oozing out of the pitch the night before. Another chance to see my boys at work I thought and perhaps even the chance of a win in game four of the season…..

It may be that my old memory is failing me these days but I seem to remember that it was those folks from Willoughby that told us last year that the teams would be in different leagues this season…perhaps I am mistaken, or maybe some other people had it wrong….

I overheard that the main team news was that the young lad “Evo” had been asked to umpire as he isn’t apparently “up to much”, and that Matty had been told to “Man up” and bat at three. There was also a return for that hooligan Matthew Rowe. While I wondered why they had only half finished his haircut, and not cut the top as well, I must admit to having a bit of a soft spot for a bad boy…anyway I digress. To the game….

Having won the toss, GP opted to bat and the odd couple went out to open in the hope that they could do to Willoughby what they did to Byfield. It wasn’t likely to happen, and indeed it didn’t…

In the early course of the innings I couldn’t help but remark that Matty is unfortunately starting to look increasingly like his much older brother. “Years of poor living and self abuse make you look like shit” as my old mother used to say…

The innings was first notable for Matty’s first runs of the season, a careful prod through gully for three (after an extensive look at the bowling)…which I recall is as many as he has ever run with his brother without a run out (and probably Matty’s first ever “three”).

The innings started to right itself as Matty and that nice bespectacled boy, Tim, got to grips with the bowling. Matty was mixing pitching wedges with baseball slaps, and Tim was doing his usual trick of pulling full lengths balls through midwicket.

I thought all was going swimmingly until Tim was “very unfortunately” run out. My old eyes might deceive me, but I think he was sold down the river by a rare species of “lesser ball-watching selfish monster”.

From here I heard the nice lady scorer mutter that seven wickets went down for 33 runs. It was nearly enough to put me off my tea. Willoughby seemed to go with the policy of slow and “straightish” and that seem to do the job for them. Tony at least got off the mark while his brother was matching in anticipation of a duck.

I think I saw that Mr Peterson bat, but I might have been mistaken. I wasn’t expecting to see him again, as he must be about my age….

The innings did mark a return to form for Matty who top scored in the end with 41. He also had the good manners to explain his thinking to Tim, who had gone for a very long walk, to have good long think about things…… I always find that it helps. So does the voodoo doll of Matty that he has, which I heard mentioned looks more like a “Cabbage Patch Kid”…..

A final score of 118 was about 30 less than I had in mind, so I waited with trepidation to see what the GP attack could do in reply…..

I was encouraged when I heard the Willoughby wicket keeper said that “it was about a dozen too many for this lot…” – solidarity with your team then, I thought….

The skipper seemed to be working on the basis of hitting Willoughby hard with GP’s most volatile weapons, Josh and that sexy hooligan, Rowe.

As I’ve said, my ears aren’t at their best these days but I could have sworn that I heard some playful banter about foot movement and learning to bat properly. Slightly ironic from a team defending 118, I thought……

Nevertheless, I was pleased to see GP set about their work admirably with some highly accurate and often pacey bowling from both Josh and Matthew. Wickets started to fall and the Willoughby skipper blocked as if his life depended on it. Personally I nearly fell into a coma myself watching it. I haven’t even seen the “Elder Young” block the arse out it (I think that’s the term) in such spectacular fashion, and he induced my last catatonic state…..

A very good catch by Josh, strangely a wicket for Leigh, and continued blocking from the skip all seemed to put GP in good position.

I thought it a bit of a shame for the team when GP got the Willoughby skipper out – 9 runs from 22 overs I heard. Mind you, I think that wicket saved me from flatlining…..

The wicket keeper then came out at seven, looking like the batsman of the day. So well did he bat, I understand that Matthew tried to pay him a complement. Such had been the barrage of rubbish from Mr Rowe that day, that I understand that the batsman told him to “do one” anyway (I think that’s what the kids say).

I am please to say that GP kept the bowling tight. GP’s skipper, Ash, joined in with a contribution. Even when it looked like Willoughby might stay in it, Josh returned to “piss on their bonfire” – whatever that means (I’ll admit it sounds uncouth and faintly dangerous).

Willoughby ended up and 92 all out and a win by 26 runs. 3 wickets apiece for the seamers. A much needed 20 points for my boys.

Let’s see if what week 5 has in store. I might get down to the game again if my feet don’t play up.

Bye for now. Dot.

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