Blog from the Boundary LMS vs Blackstar CC – 15th June 2021

Hello my lovelies, with the horrible weather, multiple pricks in the arm and my advancing years I haven’t been about that much and had to watch the Cricket on the TV, I have to admit I love that Michael Holding, voice like velvet, hmmmmmmm.

Anyway, I recently heard a rumour that my boys have been playing midweek in a competition called the LMS, I checked this new invention called the Internet (its really good you know, you can see all sorts of cat videos) and it is indeed a real thing! So, I took a walk over to Foxfields and there were 8 of our boys dressed in Pyjamas but looking rather smart.

A few changes to the format that I read about on this Internet thing, its 8 a side, 5 balls per over and you can get 2 people out at the same time and played on the astro. I thought this could be good or really, really bad for my boys.

Another change was Tiger being dropped as skipper in favour of Jac ‘Sparrow’ Poncelet but some things never change JB was already trying to steal potential wickets from others.

Cap’n Jac won the toss an elected to field first against a team that had not lost batting first all season and averaging 150+ each innings so a brave call indeed so my beloved Foxes took to the field with Rocket Ryan taking the wicket keeping gloves and a new lad called Chuchu opening the bowling, he must really like his trains that boy as he started with a few ‘express’ wides and an 8 run over, JB followed with a 7 run over and I thought this is not going to go well. But the bowling attack settled into their stride and shortly had their opener caught behind off the bowling of Chuchu. We were at 10 overs in no time and after a comical 4 where the ball bounced in the outfield and turned 45 degrees (Jon & Rob need to fix that outfield) we switched ends and Blackstar were about 50-2. The pressure was telling as the batsmen started fishing and getting frustrated with good bowling, Tiger producing a wonderful bouncer to the pint sized batsmen which left him chuntering it should be a wide, and some excellent fielding restricting the big shot to 1’s & 2’s Blackstar finished their innings on 123-4. Pick of the Bowling was Ricky with 3 overs 2/15, and Big D getting the 4th

So on to our innings, JB & Rocket strode out Imperious to the crease, Rocket hit a single then got caught, in came Ricky at 3, Now this is where it gets a bit difficult to understand. I heard a rumour that Ricky hit 50 in the last match which made me choke on my tea, but its there on the web in blue & white so let’s see if this is true or was it an imposter last week?

JB got in the swing taking most of the early strike and in between hitting 5 four he hit a glorious 6, great running between the wickets saw the target come down until JB made a mess of his stumps, out for 41. Cap’n Jac came into the middle from Square leg (that’s where the next batsman has to stand) and Ricky & Cap’n Jac set about their task with some great running between the wickets and in the process hitting 5 fours a piece, The Opposition captain and the wicket keeper obviously getting fed up started questioning the Umpire on no balls, grumblings of ‘my one was higher but didn’t get called a no ball’ which was quickly rebuffed with a ‘your’ s bounced, that was a full toss’ and another no ball being questioned as they thought it was for height but again the umpire stating clearly ‘he over stepped by a foot…..’

Well after 14 overs, Cap’n Jac & Ricky had guided us to a win, and I have to say Ricky had scored 54!

Great game lads, great win over the league leaders, im now off to work out if this actually is a real game or have I just dreamed it all, like Bobby Ewing in the shower, hmmm Bobby Ewing.

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