Blog from the Boundary LMS vs Gujarat – 24th June 2021

Hello Again my lovelies

After a thoroughly enjoyable evening last week watching my foxes playing Pyjama cricket (I could get used to this) I took my bottle of Sherry to Foxfields to watch a belated next instalment. (Belated due to some Football match or other on the Tuesday).

This week we were up against a very capable and friendly looking bunch called the Gujarat Tigers, which had me concerned as I was hoping they had not nicked my Tiger, I need not have worried as there he was, with the rest of the Foxes, Cap’n Jac was absent this week so they appointed Mike as stand in Captain this week, probably to give him something to do this week as he didn’t have much to do last week as we dominated with the bat and he doesn’t bowl very often.

With the Foxes starting in the field, Olly started with a nice ball, followed by a beauty that the batsman chased, sending to Ricky at backward point for a fine catch, 0-1 off 2 balls, great start! Tight bowling for the first 4 overs and then JB got the other opener caught behind by the new boy Dan.

Really tight bowling and Olly finishing on 4-0-22-1 but certainly deserving more, but Mike then unleashed Ricky ‘King of the astro’ Mistry, fresh from his second 50 into the attack, straight away getting a caught and bowled, does he know this is a team sport? Obviously not as not long later he did it again! Little Billy Goat & Big D toiled manfully but to no avail for them. With them 5 down and a man retired on 50 we had the tail exposed for our Tiger to finish off the last 2, second ball straight through the gate! Cracking start! Then came in the man who had to retire to finish his innings. He looks a good player that one and held the innings together for the Gujarat’s but he was powerless to stop his mate hitting our Tiger to JB for a catch, leaving him as the last man standing.

All fielders were back and JB came back into the attack for the final knockings, and would you believe it, Ricky caught him in the deep! Seriously, he can’t keep out of the game! Innings closing with Gujarat on 156 all out with Ricky finishing on 4-0-22-2, 4 catches and a run out, Tiger with 2 wickets and JB with the final one.

Now it was our turn and after the run chase last week, I was quietly confident that we could do this. Mike & Little Billy Goat strode out to the middle to open our innings with Ricky laying in wait at 3. Solid start, Until Billy Goat went fishing and nicked one to the keeper for 10, In came Ricky who started quickly, running Mike hard who is clearly not as spritely as Ricky but the score ticked along nicely until Ricky also nicked behind for 16, new boy Dan came in and again ran Mike hard but again the scoreboard ticked, until Mike started to get a bit bogged down, finally succumbing to a straight one, finally falling for 37, yes I had to check again too, 37.

JB came in, he and Dan took the attack to Gujarat as my Foxes were behind the rate and all was going well until Dan ran himself out bringing in Tiger who immediately cracked a 6. Running out of balls, JB got a nick and was caught behind and few balls later Tiger was run out bringing the innings to a close with my Foxes scoring 119, losing by 37 but a valiant effort by my boys.

I packed up my half bottle of Sherry and made my way back home and was left with my final thoughts of the day,

Where was Cap’n Jac today?

Although we lost, is there any team to fear in this league?

What happened on EastEnders?

Does ‘King of the Astro’ Ricky wear a crown in bed?

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