Blog from the boundary vs Irthlingborough 3rds – 13th July 2019

I tentatively made my small trip to Foxfields on Saturday to see us play Irthlingborough 3rds, I say tentatively, as the previous Tuesday I had a delightful cataract operation! I’m so glad I recovered my vision in time to see my beloved Foxes play and (with every pun intended) what a sight for sore eyes!!

I asked Ricki where my sumptuous Ryan was, but apparently, no one had seen or heard a peep from him since the CWC Semi-Final…strange. Ricki also told me that Tiger was off jumping into lakes for the day instead of skippering my boys (I think I need to have a quiet word with him) and deputizing the captaincy today was the pulchritudinous silver Fox – Steven Steel (if only I was 5 years younger), unfortunately he lost the toss and we were put into bat first, this seemed like the perfect outcome as I heard murmurings around the boys that they wanted to bat first anyway, especially from that hunky Abercrombie and Filth boy, he loves a bat he does.

Rob and Jonny were sent out to the middle to provide our foundation, I was feeling optimistic and brought down my favorite libation – a couple of cheeky bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, however, I was unable to savor this delicious beverage, as not unlike my Foxes, I didn’t bring any openers! The first wicket fell early on as Rob got an inside edge onto his stumps from some pretty reasonable bowling, he went for 6. In then came Anand, the 2 & 3 partnership didn’t last long though as Jonny edged one to gully, and I must say it was a blinding catch, gone for 7. Next came young Towler to form the best partnership of the day, with what seemed to be a very tactical one with Anand, they must had a chat and concluded that Alex would be the glue and Anand would be the scorer, as Anand sprayed some pleasing shots all around the ground and Alex held it together. Anand finally went as he was bowled for a well-played 37.  Young Cinquecento came in next (it still baffles me why his Father nicknamed him after a car) but Alex, no longer the glue, became unstuck as he was next to be dismissed when he was caught for 4 – I heard him muttering “gosh darn it” as he came off, I don’t think he was pleased with that one.

Manic Manik came in next, the New Zealander didn’t last long though as he was bowled for just 1. Mr Silver Fox was next into bat with his son, the Father/Son combo worked for a short while, with both Steels playing some nice shots, but it was the Father who faulted first as he was caught for 7. The Shizzle came in next, but after a few runs together little Cinquecento popped one up in the air and was caught for a tasty 27, some scrumptious shots from the young whippersnapper.  Ricki was next in line, Jon and Ricki batted through a few overs to get their eye in and created some questionable running between the wickets almost got them out. Ricki was finally dismissed by a straight ball and was bowled for a well ran 8. Olly D came in next, (his bat looked older than me) and was the master of the leave. Again after some curious running between the wickets, the pair were lucky not to be run out, I have to wonder what the common denominator was with the bizarre running between the wickets – Perhaps that’s why he is called the Shizzle?? After a beautifully played shot off the legs Olly was then bowled for 4. Leaving the last man to come in to be David B. I’d watched an old episode of Eastender’s the other night and I swear all I could see was the Mitchell brothers in the middle. David was unfortunately bowled for 0, and left Jon on 18 n.o. The Foxes innings ended on a reasonable 146 all out considering the early fall of wickets.

After a luscious Tea Irthlingborough went into bat and required 147 to win. Manik and Rob opened the bowling, Rob was swinging the ball and had an early opportunity dropped at slip by Jonny, however Jonny was able to rectify the error with 2 more catches at slip off Robs bowling, what a start, some great Cricket on display! Manik also got in on the act and clean bowled the other opener. Rob and Manik dominated the batsmen and there were further catches for Olly and Cinquecento off Robs bowling. Rob looked like he was trying to emulate Mark Wood and put so much into his bowling that he’s take a tumble after his delivery, thankfully Rob (and the pitch!) is ok. At some point I glanced across at the scoreboard and Irthlingborough were 10/6! I thought my dodgy eyes were miss-reading the score but no, on confirmation it really was 10/6. Manik then turned it on and then sought to bowl a couple of them out with some precise “top of off stump” bowling to finish off his spell for 20 runs for 3 wickets off 8 overs. A great performance.

The next batsmen in though had a bit of fight in him and would not allow the opposition to dominate him, playing some nice shots and finally getting some runs on the board for his team, then came a timid cover drive toward an overly confident, opened legged Olly Davies providing for some dubious fielding, but straight after a nice clip to the boundary, the footballer sprinted after it and managed a last ditch tackle on the line to redeem himself. I didn’t know if I was watching the Leicester City Foxes or the Grange Park CC Foxes!! What a tackle!! Anan and Cinquecento were brought into the bowling attack but were unable to break the last stand partnership.

After the batsmen had made 39, The Silver Fox had had enough and Rob was brought back in to get the job done, and he duly obliged, by bowling the well-played batsmen out. All over 63 all out. Rob finished on quite unbelievable figures of 3 runs for 7 wickets off 8.5 overs with 5 maidens and a tumble. What a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of Cricket. Well done Foxes! see you next week. Dot xx 

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