Kyle Coetzer comes to training

So tonight was the U13/U15 training again and tonight we were joined by Scotland internationals Kyle Coetzer and Calum MacLeod.

As many of you know we are sharing our training sessions with the Hardingstone CC, they had arranged with Northants to get Kyle and Calum down to training. They were around to dispense some invaluable advice regarding batting and bowling. Though funnily – one of Kyle’s top tips featured in my first ever coaching tips blog – backlift! An extremely common problem that people struggle to get their head around. The basics are – get that backlift nice and high, steady too, then you’ll be in a position to come down on the ball. Too often players let their bat drop towards their feet as the bowlers runs in leading to a rushed and incomplete stroke. Remember – take a look at the previous post then practice in front of a mirror – it’s all about muscle memory, the more you practice the more your body will take it as normal!

There was a great bowling tip about as you release try to feel your body rolling through at the stumps – really try to get that momentum going in the right direction. Another classic is weaving as you run in – use tramlines in a sports hall as a guide to run in straight so all your effort is going in the same direction!

Unfortunately in a sports hall we couldn’t do any fielding work but if this catch is anything to go by Kyle could teach us some tricks!

[youtube height=”300″ width=”500″][/youtube]

Remember Grange Park Training – Thursday evenings starting 21st Feb, 9-10pm – The County Ground, Northampton

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